LeCrosse Male Masturbator
LeCrosse Male Masturbator
LeCrosse Male Masturbator
LeCrosse Male Masturbator

LeCrosse Male Masturbator

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Today, honor is for men...Vivilo presents LeCrosse, the High-Tech in male masturbation thought for him and its pleasure! Always in a concern of safety, it is made of silicone and plastic very soft for the skin, without any possibility of allergies.

LeCrosse excites you in 2 ways: the 1st is by a vibration mechanism with 6 speeds to trigger the erection and the 2nd, is the famous Acupressure system with 6 different rhythms, which makes you reach the orgasm. Two very simple control buttons are enough to activate all the options of LeCrosse. This Acupressure system, consisting of a magnetic transmission, is patented and ensures that you get the original, safe, and effective product.

The Acupressure technology focuses on the Pacini corpuscles on the tip and underneath of the penis. There are sensory receptors that naturally respond to stimulation in these areas and this is even more true with thousands of Acupressure oscillations per minute of LeCrosse (see our LeCrosse system demonstration video).

Enter LeCrosse, turn on the options and it does the work on its own, no need to even move or get a full erection. Traditional ways of stimulating the penis, whether it's masturbation, oral sex, or even penetration, don't fully arouse the sensory receptors of the penis, which is why Vivilo offers you the opportunity to experience the ultimate masturbatory orgasm with LeCrosse.

It fits comfortably in one hand and adjusts to any penis size. LeCrosse has never been seen before and may allow you to achieve a life-changing orgasm for the first time.

Easy to use because of its compact size, LeCrosse is another Vivilo device that offers the perfect balance between comfort, efficiency, and price. It is phthalate-free, odorless, and rechargeable, so no batteries are needed. LeCrosse offers you peace of mind with its 5-YEAR MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY (Please retain your packaging and proof-of-purchase)

  • Unique and different, never seen before
  • Compact
  • Adjusts to any penis size
  • Rigid main body and ultra flexible opening
  • Non-allergenic
  • Two motors
  • Multi speeds - Multi rhythms (thousands of oscillations per minute)
  • Powerful acupressure movements
  • Intense vibration
  • Patented and secure mechanism
  • Two easy-to-use control buttons
  • Charge time: about 2 hours